Lumber Larry is a family friendly game about environmental misadventure that supports charity and education.


You play as Larry the Lumberjack as he barrels his way down mountains and charges across forests escaping an avalanche that threatens his very being! You must duck, roll and speed out of the way of the obstacles in your path and help Larry survive his unfortunate situation.

Challenging gameplay is brought to life with a bright art style and changing backgrounds to teach players about environmental impact and challenges. Through purchasing items and power-ups, players can support international conservation charities.

lumber larry supports the environment by donating 10% of all revenue earned to various conservation charities.

With your help, Larry can make a real difference!


"In a day and age where environmental protection and preservation have become serious issues, a game like Lumber Larry is a shining example of games created for a good cause." - PopOptiq
"I've struggled to stop playing to write this, so addictive.  Looks and sounds great too!" - Player, AppStore Review
"Addictive game, would definitely recommend.  Charity idea is great too!" - Player, AppStore Review
"Lumber Larry is fun... Great game for any age group.  Good idea to support charities.  Well done :)" - Player, AppStore Review
"Highly enjoyable.  Hits the sweet spot between fun and challenging, and it looks fantastic." - Player, AppStore Review



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